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Our campaign is helping Houston

Hurricane Relief with Bayou City Fellowship.

Because of your investment, ITFW in collaboration with Bayou City Fellowship | Bayou City Relief – sent “high priority items” to those affected by the Hurricane in Houston, TX.



ITFW Timepieces represents much more than products alone. In combination with our 5% For Kids Campaign, each product available in our store is making a difference for those in need of an extra hand.

“Hurricane Harvey destroyed 300,000 to 500,000 vehicles in Houston alone. Estimates for the cost of Hurricane Harvey’s damage range from $65 billion to $190 billion. If the real cost falls on the higher end of that range, it could become the most expensive disaster in the history of the U.S.” – Source: Fortune/Time Inc.

Thank you for shopping with us and for supporting our campaign – “your investment is changing lives.”

To discover further please visit Bayou City Relief.

Written by: ITFW Timepieces

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