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Supplies for the children in Venezuela

ITFW in partnership with Ministry ICIAI and Ministry Esperanza y Luz packed a variety of school supplies for the children in Venezuela.

As you already may know, Venezuela is facing political chaos and economic collapse for some time now. In many areas simple supplies like a toothbrush or a deodorant are nowhere to be found.

Among all the necessities, it came to our attention that school supplies were in desperate need for the children.

Because of your investment in combination with our Kids Campaign, we have sent the following supplies:



324 blackboard chalks (for education purposes and drawing during playtime);
142 erasers;
792 pencils;
15 Composition books;
72 pencil sharpeners;
24 rulers;
3 Books in English (English as a second language).



Every time we make a move, you move with us. We thank for supporting our investment and for helping us changing the lives of those in need of an extra hand.

You buy, we give!

Written by: ITFW Timepieces

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