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ITFW 5% For Kids Campaign

Our business model

Our company has adapted a philanthropic business model.
Our charitable goal is to help kids in need both in the US and around the world.

The inspiration for our “5% For Kids Campaign”.

The inspiration for our campaign came during a charitable trip to South Africa in 2009.
The entire experience made us aware of some serious issues concerning the lack of necessities for children and their families, especially school supplies.


Inspired by this same vision, we began to invest in our own surroundings with the idea of combining our business plan with a seed of hope for those in need.


Thus our “5% For Kids” was born.


ITFW Timepieces and Christopher’s Promise joined forces in 2015 to help kids dealing with special circumstances. We’ve combined our 5% For Kids Campaign with the mission of Christopher’s Promise in Helping Kids, Be Kids. This is a powerful combination and we wish to serve as many kids as we can reach.

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Each product sold in our store is an investment in a child’s future!